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Bios - Johanna
Name: Johanna Rafferty
Birth date: 29 March 1988
Name a food you just can't stomach: Any of my dad's little experiments
Ultimate Holiday Destination: Altona, Melbourne
If you appeared on a quiz show, who would you ring as your lifeline: Mort
If you were invited to a fancy dress party, who or what would you go as: Our combustion stove
Who is the most famous person you've known or met: Tony Liberatore
What's the best advice your mother gave you: Go out with a boy that is older than you
What's the worst thing your brother or sister did to you as a child: I need more room for this answer
Favourite book: Dolly Magazine
Favourite TV show: Inspector Rex
Favourite movie: Inspector Rex - The Movie
Favourite CD/song: System Of A Down - Toxicity
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