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Rules and Regulations
1.            $25.00 set fee for the 22 rounds. Payment to be made in whole before the commencement on round 12 on June 13, 2003.
2.            Tips to be in by 7.00pm sharp, Friday prior to round (or first day of Round). If this condition is not met, your tips will be the default of all away teams, or second named team on the official fixture.
Put your tips in by either:
Telephone:   0407 215 498
3.            A drawn game equals 1 point.
4.            The contestants with the top 3 aggregate totals will be awarded prizes respectively:
1st Prize         50% of pool
2nd Prize       30% of pool
3rd Prize        20% of pool
B.Bloggs 105  (1st and 2nd prizes are added and divided evenly.)
J.Brown 105
A.Smart 103  3rd prize
5.            Contestants who tip 8 in one single round (excluding drawn matches) share a prize of $20.00. These prizes will be deducted from the pool as the season persists.
6.            Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
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