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  Would you like to be a winner?
  Then sign up for the Rafferty Family Football Tipping Competition in 2003.
  Our sixth year of tipping is approaching, and we want you to be a part of it.
  Entry fee is $25 per entrant
  and first prize is a whopping 50% of the pool!
  You'll also have the extra incentive of having a chance to win fantastic weekly prizes.
  Scoring 100% in a round means a cold, hard cash bonus to your name.
  Winning the season means your name will be proudly
  engraved in the Rafferty Perpetual trophy.
  Joining the likes of Paul, Gail, Mum, Lana and Janna.
  To join up simply contact John before Round One 2003*.
  You can do this by calling him on 0416 096 946
  or email him at
  The rules and regulations are attached to this message for your convenience
  but are alternatively available on the RaffertyHQ website at:
  Don't hesitate, join today, and reap in the benefits.
  Michael and John
  E-mail John Here
  * Round One commences 28 March 2003.