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History - Synold History
The Synold family originated in Germany, where in 1849, Theodore Synold was born in Coburg, West Germany.
On the 5th of April, 1877, Theodore set off to Australia on the "Charles Dickens" sailing ship. He arrived in Morton Bay, Brisbane on the 14th of July.
In Australia, Theodore moved to Wagga Wagga and married Anne Kelly, born in Albury in 1853.
Together they had eight children. Theodore W. Kelly (Synold), Lizzie Helen Synold, Rose Anne Matilda, George Albert Synold, Teresa Ambrosia Synold, Constance Charles Morrie, Joseph Aloysius Synold, Mary Josephine Synold.
The family moved onto Hay just before the turn of the Century where they settled, seeing their children grow up.
Our Roots are from their second youngest child, Joseph Aloysius who was born in 1894 in Hay.
In 1914 he married Gladys Agnes Cooper in Ashfield, NSW. They had 6 children. Joseph Cyril Synold, John Patrick Synold, Myra Annie A. Synold, Marjory V. Synold, Gladys Theresa and Michael Charles.

Theodore Synold

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