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Mitch's Olympic Adventure
Author: Mitchell Rafferty
Date: June 30 2001
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Last year, my dad and I went to the Sydney Olympic games and we were driving there. It was a long trip so we stopped in Shepparton for the night. The next morning we got up and kept on Driving till we got to Sydney. In Sydney we stayed at my Nan's sister's place. The next morning we went to Wonderland, which is a theme park. Wonderland was fun. On the next day my family and I went to see Cameroon versus Spain, in the soccer. Cameroon just won in a penalty shootout, and boy were we cheering. Then we stayed at the Olympic Arena for the finals of the finals of the athletics, at night. The American men's relay team won the first race we watched. Then they had the gold medal awarded to them. Then I saw a Norwegian girl in the javelin. and she won a gold medal as well. Then it was the American women's relay teams who also won their event. Next, they played songs for the crown and I danced to them. I was the luckiest kid on earth. I hope one day you can also visit an Olympics because I had fun.
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