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The Resident Historian
Footy Facts
The occasional reports from our resident historian, who sometimes emerges from the dusty, paper ridden recesses of the attic, with a jewel of trivia.
Did You Know? (Round 11: 2002)
A good and consistent average is sought by all batsmen, goalkeepers and footy tippers.
To select "the figure", the history books of the nation's greatest footy tipping competition, were opened.
In 1998, to be in the final 3, you needed an average of between 5.13 and 5.18
  1999   5.22 and 5.27
  2000   5.36 and 5.59
  2001   5.50 and 5.59
Well, well, no wonder itís the greatest footy tipping competition in the world!
          They bit the bullet
          they drafted the youth
          the results are on the board
The Figure has reached new heights in every season.
Although most of us still have plenty of work at the nets or on the track, we all aim towards that current Round 10   'figure' of 5.40 and 5.50.
Its only half way through the season so who knows what will eventuate.
Keep on trucking', till next time, when we discuss -ĒHow do the girls rate?"
How Do the Girls Rate? (Round 12: 2002)
In 1998 the girls represented only 15% of the tipsters in the competition, yet Mum (the trailblazer) ran a clear 4th with 111, only 3 short of the winning 114. It is rumoured that after this, football discussion took place away from the kitchen.
Buoyed by this success, the girls doubled their membership to 32% in 1999 and did that pay dividends! Gail and Mum (again) pull off equal 1st with 116.
They gradually increased their membership between 2000 and 2002 to 35% and continued to score in formidable fashion. In 2000-Lana 1st (123) and Chloe 3rd (118). In 2001 - Janna was equal 4th (120), with Chloe and Paris equal 6th (119), just short of the winner on 123.
In summing up, the girls, with only 1/3 of the membership have pulled off 50% of 1st prize. Consistently feature in the minor prizes, and/or are knocking on the door of the final 3.
In each season half or more of the girls end up in the top half of the ladder.
Girls captain, Mum (being the only girl to have competed in all years of the competition) has earned her guernsey with the rest of her team - Angela, Chloe, Gail, Janna, Kathryn, Lana, Leeanne, Paris and Sarah.
Do I see the boys on their knees, praising the Lord, that the final score was Boys-8 Girls-2?
Keep on tippin', till next time, when we discuss -"The Young Turks"
The Young Turks (Round 13: 2002)
By taking the final ladder position for each year and dividing that total by the number of years of participation, we get what we call in the business, your "performance indicator". Our young Turks performances ranged from 4 to 11, with their mean average indicator being 7.9 or 8. The lower the number the better the form. The more years you are in the competition, means the more your indicator becomes a true reflection of consistency and performance.
2 year old newcomers Chloe - 4 and Paris - 9, have shown good early form, but once out of maiden class, the field becomes tougher.
Of our 3 year olds, consistently performing colts, Joshua - 8 and Trent - 9, are no longer with us. With our remaining, Marcus - 6 is a very promising young colt, while fillies Angela - 9 and Janna (alias. Johanna, Huddo) - 6 (talk about Fine Cotton) are improving with every outing.
Now our Open class. Nicholas - 11 while a good jumper, found the flat a bit harder and has since retired. Mitchell, Andrew and Liam all on 9, are nearly there and need to take that next step. But you'd always box them in your trifectas, to be safe.
Consistent favorites at whatever meet they attend, Edan - 7 and Michael - 7, have taken form into the 2002 season, where it is no surprise that they are tipped to bag a number of group 1's.

"Keep on tippin'", till next time, when we discuss "The Quiet Achiever".

The Quite Achiever (Round 14: 2002)
2.30 - 1200 metres
 Grey F.4 (Rafferty - Synold) J.R.Hawkes  bm
 Stks. $276 Sts. 1st: -. 2nds: 2. 3rds: -.  2 2 7 0
Down sharply in grade here and worth plenty of thought.
FIGURE - 5.07
A slow starter in 1998, he soon leant the game, halving his ladder position in 1999. But his eyes were on the ball as his performances indicated in 2000 and 2001, by being pipped at the post (some say robbed). But that's just where the story begins.
You wouldn't pick the genius that lies within, to look at him but as with most quiet achievers you can't tell by looks. Not one to tell you about his achievements, it's not until you actually analyse the history, that you see the polish that's gone into that head.
A legend in his own lifetime, he continually pursues excellence, by giving so much time to our young players, encouraging their efforts. Why, it's almost a matter of fact that anytime you visit HQ, you'll invariably find the audience gathered around the lounge chair cross legged on the floor, eyes and ears locked on every word, as the patriarch delivers those words of wisdom on tipping, as if being delivered by the Pope himself.
At present in 2002, he's travelling comfortably, one off the rails in mid field. If his recent history is any indication, when that bend comes in sight, if you're looking closely, you'll see the old grey make his move.
I remember Patrick saying to me once, with a leader like that, itís no wonder we're all good punters. And anyway letís face it, if it wasn't for Dad, there wouldn't be a footy tipping competition in the first place.

"Keep on tippin'", till next time, when we discuss - "What makes a good tipster?Ē

What Makes a Good Tipster? (Round 15: 2002)
A good tipster is firstly equipped. Equipped with what, you ask. Well of course they have the up to date statistical data on the history of each team, ground bearing, ladder position, injury list, last round confidence level, gut feeling etc. No, when I say equipped, I mean tapping the lifeline, going into tomorrow's newspapers today, thinking like Tim Lane, I mean saying who is going to mark the ball, before it arrives. Yes, you guessed it, a foolproof system.
There didn't appear to be much in the archives, on this point, except for the dart board in the corner, with the team names pasted on it. Further investigation was required.
Interviews were arranged with as many professional tipsters that time would permit. Much data was collected. For example, only tip your team if you KNOW they are going to win, never tip West Coast wearing black shorts, study Astrology, never forget the Bin Laden factor, and always tip a team where two or more players are sharing a birthday and many more snippets of knowledge.
The interview with Gary Lyon was most informative and we have included the full transcript. Included you say? Yes we pooled all of the knowledge gathered from far and wide and condensed it to a simple formula:  T=x+2 for away games and T=x-2 for home games.
You two can be a winner by visiting our web site (shown below) and purchasing, "MY GOD, HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" with a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 30 days. That's 4 rounds of tipping excellence you get to use and then you can return it and get your money back. WHAT A DEAL!
It is summed up best in the words of Dermot Brereton (who bought 4 copies) when he said with that cheesy smile: "It's easy when you know how."
Web Site: www.i'm a
Keep on tippin', till next time, when we discuss - "Mr. Hot and Cold".
Mr. Hot and Cold (Round 16: 2002)
How often have you heard - "Itís tough at the top" or "Can they maintain it?" or "The expectations are high" or "Over confidence can creep in"?
Well I guess, unless you've been there, you wouldn't know.
Ask the Brisbaneís or Essendonís of this world. Well we can't, but we could ask Paul.
1998 - 1st
1999 - no good
2000 - terrible
2001 - 1st
2002 - anybody's guess but looking good.
We interviewed Paul, last week, and found some interesting and informative footy facts from the up again, down again champ. He said he attributed his success to good listening skills and simply being better than the rest of them.
 As to the failures of 1999 and 2000, he was less forthcoming but eventually conceded that he wanted to see the winners shared around. We don't believe that and we guess you don't either. We found out that Paul decides his tips in a most unconventional fashion. When he wakes up, the first football team he sees on the TV screen is the one he goes for. Over the period of a week, he manages to gather together all his tips. We can only assume that in 1999 and 2000, he forgot to wake up.
Paul said that a lot of intuitive Footy Tipping knowledge pops into his head while mowing the lawn. He said the smell of the freshly mown grass clears his head and allows a clear mind when taking a nap on the couch after the mowing ordeal. Paul added that the aroma of dishwashing liquid also helps to clear the mind.
Well, there you have it. To be up there, with the best, you need plenty of sleep and you need to help out in the household with the family chores. With a Performance Factor of 6 and a Figure of 5.01, which is not exceptionally impressive, he has taken out 1st prize twice in 4 years. Looks like there is hope for the rest of us yet.

Keep on tippin' good, till we meet again.

And on the Eight Day, He Created Footy Tipping (Round 19: 2002)
As we approach the final stages of football tipping for 2002 and the successful completion of the 5th year of competition, my thoughts are with the creators Ė Michael and John.
For a large extended family, they have given us the opportunity to further galvanize together, in this instance around our general love of football.
Since 1998, they have taken by person, phone or email 2335 entries and have produced 107 result sheets. By any standards, that is a lot of time and effort, for the good of all of us.
Mistakes and / or disputes have been non-existent or insignificant.
The concept of togetherness has further progressed to a HQ website, where we all have the opportunity to input and share, or just generally have a good time visiting. Each one of us in the immediate and extended family, have a lot to thank them for and be proud of.
Well done Michael and John.
Tributes to both of you.

Keep on tippin', till we meet again.

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